Dutch Monster Truck Show Turns Deadly with 3 Dead and 20 Wounded
Haaksbergen, Holland – The monster truck event on Sunday was supposed to be a time of family fun, and it was until the unthinkable happened. A 1,500 horsepower truck equipped with monster wheels had just plowed over five obstacle cars when the driver swung too far out on the curve and was unable to correct his trajectory before plowing into a crowd of spectators. Three people were killed and 20 others were wounded. The tragic moment was captured on a camera film as a spectator video filmed the event just as the truck turned a corner and drove straight into his path.

“A so-called monster truck drove into a crowd of spectators. A terrible accident with two dead victims, 18 wounded (including) six severely wounded,” town authorities said on their website haaksbergen.nl.

The monster truck show caps off an annual week of festivities in the town whose name in Dutch means “The Hook Mountain”. Now, the tragedy has cast a dark pall over the event and resulted in what Mayor Van Vlaanderen termed as a “ramp” or “disaster”. Police officers questioned the driver of the truck, but no charges have been filed as of yet. Some believe the accident was a result of either the gas pedal sticking or a possible brake failure. A guard rail was in place to protect spectators, but it provided little protection against a head on collision.

Monster Truck Accident leaves 3 Dead and 20 Injured

Monster Truck Accident leaves 3 Dead and 20 Injured

An amateur video of the accident posted on Facebook showed the truck revving hard and then riding over six cars, before suddenly heading towards spectators lining the square, who were separated from the show by only flimsy metal barriers.

Screaming, some managed to scurry away, but others had no time to escape.

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