Spider Tourist's Skin: Spider Lives Inside Tourist For 3 Days

Spider Tourist’s Skin: Spider Lives Inside Tourist For 3 Days

Spider Tourist’s Skin

Spider Lived Inside Tourist Three Days
It’s the stuff of which nightmares are made. An Australian tourist, Dylan Thomas, woke up to find a two-inch red trail arising from his abdomen. Frightened by this, he sought medical help. Doctors in Bali, where the young man was on holiday, diagnosed it as an “insect bite.” When the red trail began to grow longer, he returned for medical assistance from a dermatologist. Tests were run and it was discovered that a tropical spider the size of a match head had burrowed beneath a scar from a prior appendectomy. The red trail on Thomas’s stomach appears to be a few centimeters wide and

Bali International Medical Centre Confirms Spider Burrowing

Bali International Medical Centre confirmed the spider burrowed beneath the skin at the site of the surgical scar. Once the spider was removed surgically, it was necessary to perform tests to determine the spider species. The spider was dead upon removal. Once the spider species is determined, medical specialists can begin to research into how the spider managed to survive beneath human skin for three days and warn the public of the potential danger of spiders of this particular species.

Arachnophobes Nightmare

For arachnophobic individual who are terrorized by spiders of all species, this discovery of a tropical spider’s ability to burrow beneath human skin may create greater fears. It’s not known as yet if Dylan Thomas’s spider bite has had other residual effects on his overall health. He’s appeared in several social media news releases. One source is www.buzzfeed.com. This link includes pictures of the actual red skin trail and several comments by Thomas regarding his bizarre experience.