Man Fakes Coma In Insurance Scam

Man Fakes Coma In Insurance Scam

Faking Coma to Avoid Legal Reprecussions

Just when the law thought it had seen everything, a new way of evading it has arisen. At least for an indefinite period of time.

Alan Knight, a British man, was found to have been faking being in a vegetative state for the last two years. The reason he pretended to be in a coma? He had stolen 40,000 pounds of British currency from an elderly neighbor.

Knight went all-out to try to convince others that he was “a quadriplegic who had periodic seizures that left him in a comatose-state.” Knight and his wife took extensive photographs of himself hooked up to medical equipment, such as a breathing apparatus.

Knight’s plan was foiled upon a further investigation however, as Knight and his wife were found to be walking on a store’s closed circuit television. Knight was clearly without a neck brace, oxygen, or a wheelchair.

There was also evidence of Knight having walked through his own doorway without such items.

Ultimately, Knight pleaded guilty to multiple counts of theft and making a false representation for gain. The latter charge also had something to do with the fact that Knight was using his supposed status as a quadriplegic to obtain government benefits on top of just avoiding court.

The bogus claims on Knight’s part were revealed by investigators in court. He had been able to postpone a date in court up until that point.

Knight’s wife, Helen, has declined to comment.

Although it worked for a period of time, Judge Paul Thomas, who is overseeing the case, hinted for others not to try Knight’s approach.

He told the Daily Telegraph, “Although a very accomplished and determined actor, he is in nothing like the condition he claims to be, and the conditions he claims to be suffering from are simply non-existent.”