dallas airport gay slur

dallas airport gay slur

Din Breaks Out in Dallas Airport Following Homosexual Slur

Dallas, Texas – A din broke out at the Dallas Airport following an unidentified male taunting another traveler with gay slurs. The traveler was wearing a pink shirt and this sparked the heckler’s homophobia. However, din might not be the most appropriate word to describe the eventual reaction that awaited the heckler. It is probably more accurate to say it was a mass citizen’s arrest.

As the heckler taunted the man in the pink shirt, the traveler responded by taking out his smartphone and recording the man’s behavior. The act of being recorded did not temper the heckler with a sense of shame or embarrassment. Rather, he became more agitated. Eventually, another man in a cowboy hat intervened and tried to play the role of peacemaker. He asked the heckler to explain what he was upset about, which was a way of asking him to stand down from his aggressive attitude. The heckler quickly responded that he was upset about “******” and then pointed to the man in the pink shirt calling him by a derogatory term for homosexuals that rhymes with the word “maggot”. Immediately, the heckler struck the traveler and followed up with a kick.

It was then that a crowd of witnesses bum rushed him and brought him down to the ground. He was subdued until police officers arrived to cuff him and take him away. Still recalcitrant, the heckler defended his actions as a matter of upholding American freedom. He likened being able to have his view unobstructed by homosexuals to being able to “walk black”. It was a curious statement to make. For what it’s worth, the arresting officers were black. Still undaunted, he attempted to crack one of the officers in the family jewels with a head butt, but failed in the attempt.

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