Great lakes Snow Forecast: It's Going To Be A Snowy Halloween For Some

Great lakes Snow Forecast: It’s Going To Be A Snowy Halloween For Some

Great Lakes Brace for a Snowy Halloween

Coats, hats, and boots- that is what the trick or treaters will have to wear on Halloween in the Great Lakes area. Generally, October is pretty early in the United States for any significant amount of snow but this year there is an exception. This Friday night, Halloween, there is a 70% chance of snow and a predicted low of 28 degrees. Gusty winds will also be present bringing the wind chill temperature down. People will likely have to move any Halloween celebrations indoors to escape the wintry scene. Those who do have to be out in the storm are recommended to be very observant while driving. Low visibility, possibly slippery roads, and small children walking around are all going to be factors for motorists on Friday night.

Saturday the fun continues with a forecast including a 40% chance of snow and rain and a high of approximately 36 degrees. While this cold jet stream will be bringing a weekend of cold weather and high precipitation, meteorologists are saying that this type of weather isn’t going to last-yet. The snow will melt within a few days because the average temperatures are still above freezing. This cold front and storm will be heading East after hitting the Appalachians and Great Lakes areas. It will most likely bring cold, wet conditions towards the beginning of next week.

Last year the high in this area was a whopping 61 degrees with a low of 31 degrees. This summer was especially mild for the Northern states making some wonder whether this winter will be cold and harsh. The Farmer’s Almnac is predicting a very cold winter with plenty of snow starting as early as November. Armed with this information, it might be wise to invest in shovels and salt if you live up North.