The conversion of St. Augustine, by Fra Angelico

The conversion of St. Augustine, by Fra Angelico

Saints Sinning Goes back to St. Augustine

St. Augustine

Some people think that holy men sinning against their religion is a recent thing. St. Augustine of Hippo, who lived in the 4th and 5th century, had sinned against Christianity by fathering a son.

The sins
St. Augustine wasn’t baptized until age 33. (Aurelius Augustinus) Augustine was born to Monica and Patricius in 354 in the town of Thagaste, Numidia. His father was a Pagan who waited until he was on his deathbed to convert to Christianity. Augustine’s mother was always a devout Christian. When Augustine finished his formal education,at 17, some generous Romanianus made it possible for him to attend school in Carthage. He studied Rhetoric. While in Carthage, Augustine associated with bisexual men. They encouraged the future bishop to lie about his escapades involving women. In Carthage, he met the woman who would become his longtime mistress.

Illegitimate Son
While still in his teens, Augustine fathered a son named Adeodatus, which means gift of God. Adeodatus’ intellectual abilities were present from his teen years. Adeodatus’ parents had considered getting married but had abandoned that idea for unknown reasons. Augustine’s mistress left their son with him when she joined a monastery in Carthage. After the mistress left, Augustine had another illicit affair, but it was short-lived. Augustine and Adeodatus were baptized during Easter in 387. One year later, Adeodatus died of an unknown cause at the age of 16 in 388.

Augustine devoted his life to God. He wrote Confessions, a long prayer to God about everything he did in his life up to 387. Augustine became an ordained bishop, at age 42, shortly after he wrote Confessions. Augustine is known as one of the Fathers of Western World Christianity.