Woman Phones 911 After FastFood Restaurant Messed Up Her Pizza Order
Gastonia, South Carolina – Some people take their food seriously. That was certainly the case with 37-year-old Bevalente Michette Hall. She enjoys Subway’s special pizza meal called a “Flatizza”, a pizza made on flat bread. She claimed that the restaurant had improperly prepared her Flatizza order by using marinara sauce as opposed to actual pizza sauce. She requested a full refund of her money, but the restaurant denied her request. Hall did not take kindly to what she perceived was a lack of customer service and phoned 911 for help.

It is at this point that the story gets unclear. Mrs. Hall’s husband claimed that an officer was at the store and upbraided his wife. If that is true, it may be that she felt threatened and called 911 in response. However, the way the story has been spun, Mrs. Hall capriciously phoned 911 upset over her unsatisfactory food order. What is quite clear is that 911 operators did not take kindly to her call. A police offer at the restaurant charged her with misuse of the 911 emergency system. Her husband scrambled to get her $2,000 bond posted. She was jailed, but only for three minutes.

Mr. Hall said the restaurant staff put marinara sauce on her pizza and then discarded it. If true, it would appear that someone at the restaurant was jerking her around. Several years ago, another woman in the South made headlines when she phoned 911 to report McDonalds. She claimed to have ordered a 10-piece box of Chicken McNuggets only to be told the store was out. They refused to refund her money and instead offered her a double cheese burger. She too was cited for misuse of 911. However, McDonald’s also gave her a free gift card for a meal and concurred that she should have been refunded her money.

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