World's Fastest Golf Cart: Sets World Record at 119 MPH

World’s Fastest Golf Cart: Sets World Record at 119 MPH

Fastest Golf Cart Sets World Record at 119 MPH

Plum Quick Motors wasn’t satisfied being the current holder of the Guinness Book of World Records for the fastest golf cart speed at nearly 104 mph. Last weekend, they set a new world record for fastest golf cart, reaching a speed in a specially designed cart of 119 mph. The speed test was conducted in South Carolina at Darlington Dragway. Plum Quick Motors is a company based in Fort Mills and founded by the father and son team of Carson, Rick and Bobby Steen. Their business specializes at manufacturing high performance golf cart motors which are used in racing, hunting and golfing vehicles.

The Steen family began participating in golf cart drag racing six years ago as a way to test their specialized golf cart motors in addition to publicizing the Plum Quick brand. By 2013, they had officially requested that the Guinness Book of World Records add a new category, that of “Fastest Golf Cart.” In October of last year, they set a record of 103.65 mph for golf cart racing and this year decided that they would be able to do even better than that.

Robby Steen was behind the wheel for the record-setting ride, which he characterized as being very wild. The 52-year old reported that the speed set could very well have turned a good day into something very bad, but he kept praying while steering the golf cart into the world record book. Steen also said that the Lord had a hand in allowing him to walk away uninjured after the speed test last Friday. The Steens have affectionately nicknamed their super golf cart “Bandit”. News reports estimate that if a golfer used “Bandit” as his transportation on the golf course, he could make it around all 18 holes in less than three minutes.