This past Monday, noted economist and best-selling author Ben Stein was on the set of the Fox News Channel, the top 24-hour news station in the United States, and called President Obama the most racist president is US history. That is saying quite a lot. For starters, candidate Richard Nixon ran his successful 1968 campaign for president by speaking in well-known code words to racist Dixiecrats in order to sway Southern states in his favor.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt refused to support federal legislation to outlawing lynching. He also enacted his beloved Social Security program with a starting age of 60 when the average lifespan of an African-American was just under age 50. Effectively, this meant the average African-American would pay into a pension plan they would never benefit from personally.

So what has Obama done that would warrant his attitude about race exceeding prior racist presidents? Stein stated that the president’s constant “racialization” of politics is unprecedented. Clearly, Stein was disgusted with the last ditch effort by Democrats in the upcoming mid-term elections to rally their faithful by playing the race card. Even 2016 presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton invoked the race card.

Beyond these last ditch get out the vote efforts, Stein took offense at the notion that the GOP is specifically trying to harm Blacks with their economic policies. Calling such accusations stupid, Stein countered that GOP polices would actually benefit Blacks the most. It is certainly true that the GOP policy to increase charter schools would benefit Blacks and other minorities the most.

The GOP’s support of partial privatization of Social Security would also benefit Blacks the most because, as a demographic, they remain the least likely to collect any benefit from the pension program. As for invoking the race card in the mid-terms, it fell flat. Democrats were actually offended at the use of race as a motivator to vote.

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