jimmythegroundhog_1As reported by ABC News, Mayor Jon Freund, was bitten by more than just the nip of winter during Sun Prairie, Wisconsin’s traditional Groundhog’s Day event. According to local customs, the groundhog will emerge from hibernation and whisper the prediction to the only person capable of hearing the prediction.

Unluckily for Mayor Freund, there was something special about his ear. When Tommy, the groundhog, sniffing the ear, he decided to take a bite, just a quick little nibble that engulfed the Mayor’s left ear. His handler pulled him away, but this clip has been put on perpetual replay, encouraging viewers to view the event repetitively. Thankfully the good sported Mayor didn’t appear to be injured. He continued his speech without losing a beat, and with a smile on his face, delivered Tommy’s message that spring was on the way.

Other Groundhog day mishaps in the recent past include the controversial 2011 teasing of Staten Island’s groundhog, Charles G. Hogg, which resulted in the biting of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s leather gloved finger, just after the Mayor cut the Zoo’s funding. Last year Mayor Bill de Blasio’s dropping of poor groundhog Chuck resulted in his death two weeks later.