Detroit Girl Missing:  Girl Found Safe Says Mother

Detroit Girl Missing: Girl Found Safe Says Mother

DETROIT – Detroit police say that an 11-year-old girl who went missing has returned home. .

Kharletta McIver said her daughter Kimari was captured on security video walking away from her apartment complex Thursday night.

Detroit police were searching for the missing girl Friday morning.

McIver feared the worst, that her daughter might have run away with an older man she met online. It’s an issue the two have been dealing with for the past several months.

“She was already in trouble prior to winter break, about having a phone. And I don’t really allow her to have a phone because she gets on the social media websites and she talks to guys that are grown and I don’t like that, she’s 11-years-old,” McIver told WWJ’s Laura Bonnell.

Even though she was on punishment, Kimari apparently found another phone to use and was caught red-handed on Wednesday, reports CBS.

“I took the phone back and basically said ‘You’ve just got to stop doing this,’” McIver said.

“I got up Thursday morning at 7 o’clock and I saw her at 7:15, she looked up at me and I thought she had just went back to sleep. She was here with her brothers and step-dad, I had a doctor’s appointment so I went to that.”

McIver returned home around 2:15 p.m. and that’s when she knew something wasn’t right.
“Everyone said that she had been missing since, like, 11. I called her friends in the apartment building and I pretty much was missing her, they were saying ‘Well she was here but she said it was OK for her to be here and that her dad was on his way to come and pick her up,’” Mciver said. “That’s when I knew something really was wrong because I knew her dad wasn’t coming to get her.”

McIver called her daughter’s father and the notified the police.
“The police questioned her friend whose house that she had been at before she left, and she said that Kimari had been in contact with some guys,” McIver said. “She had told her friend that she was meeting up with this guy.”

The news come a day after Toronto began mourning the death of three-year-old toddler Elijah Marsh, who died in hospital after wandering out of the apartment where he was staying with family early Thursday morning wearing only a diaper, t-shirt and winter boots.

The temperature at the time of his disappearance dipped into the minus -4F.

Detroit girl missing
11-Year-Old Detroit Girl Believed To Be Meeting Older Man Found Safe