Jamaica Legalizes Marijuana

Jamaica Legalizes Marijuana

Legalizing marijuana has become a trend lately. So far, Alaska, Colorado and Washington have legalized the once-illegal substance. Jamaica, inspired by the others, has now followed in pursuit.

The drug is legal in Jamaica, under strict instructions. They said that this in no way, shape or form will infect how they feel about the stance that they have on drug trafficking. Jamaica has been one of the largest suppliers of pot to the United States, even though the drug was not made legally.

Jamaica warns that even though growing the drug is now legal, there are many rules and restrictions. Quotes from the government state that they will have rules about growing the drug and that it won’t be a free-for-all. Jamaica adds that its security forces will keep growing it in place.

The public has so far approved Jamaica’s ideas. However, although the country has legalized the drug, they state that they will still have tough laws about its use, manufacture, and how it can transport. They hope this will help them combat the war drugs.

It will be interesting to follow this trend in the future, as many governments are starting to consider the legalize the once illegal substance of marijuana.