LA street-racing tragedy

LA street-racing tragedy

Illegal Street Racer Loses Control of Car – Kills Two Spectators

Chatsworth, California – A street racer in his “pimped out” silver Mustang was engaging in an illegal street racing event early Thursday morning when the incident turned deadly. As the unidentified driver was barreling down the city streets, he began to spin wildly out of control. In the mayhem, the vehicle struck the sidewalk, jumping onto it, and striking three onlookers. Two of the victims were killed in the accident. The driver immediately ditched his vehicle and fled away on foot. Law enforcement is unsure whether the incident was the result of a drag race gone badly or if the driver was merely showing off his skills.

The deadly incident took place at 2:00AM PST. Officers said the vehicle had undergone performance enhancements to exceed the speed it was designed to handle. An analysis of tire skid marks at the scene indicate a circular pattern consistent with drag racing. The marks also indicated the path the vehicle took as it jumped the sidewalk. Both deceased were males in their twenties. One was pronounced dead at the scene. The other was rushed to the hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries. The exact location of the crash site was 48 km northwest of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles County Police spokesman confirmed that the location of accident was in a commercial district frequented by illegal drag racers. The lone surviving victim remains in critical condition. The driver has not been located at this time. The identities of the victims have not been made public.


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