Dino Ferrari catfish: Italian Fisherman Hooks Gigantic Po River Catfish

The gigantic catfish that fisherman Dino Ferrari recently caught in Italy’s Po River may not officially be the biggest on record, but it certainly qualifies as one of the largest, reports ESPN.

Ferrari claims to have reeled in a whopper of a catfish tipping the scales at 280 pounds and measuring almost 9 feet in length. This is the second time that the waters of the Po River have yielded a catfish of massive size, with a 298-pound creature already in the record books.

Ferrari wouldn’t reveal where along the Po River he was able to capture the 280-pound catfish, but he wasn’t alone in his struggle to land the mighty fish. His twin brother Dario was supposedly at his side when he reeled in the amazing catch. According to an official with Ferrari’s sponsor company Sportex, the expert fisherman took almost an hour to reel in the giant, using a spinning reel, making the catch a record haul for using that type of fishing equipment.
Ferrari brought his prize to shore, measured it and snapped some pictures, and then proceeded to do something that most fisherman wouldn’t dream of. He released his massive catfish back into the Po River.

There was no comment from Ferrari as to why he didn’t want to keep the catfish to use in plenty of upcoming dinner meals. There was no indication as to the age of the catfish or what caused it to grow to such a tremendous size. Some envious fisherman are even questioning whether or not Ferrari’s catfish was a real, live creature, or if it might eventually prove to be some sort of a phony fish tale, a hoax dreamed up by the Ferrari brothers for publicity. The world’s largest catfish, weighing 342-pounds, was caught in the Amazon River in Brazil.

Dino Ferrari Catfish: Italian Fisherman Hooks 280-pound, 8-foot-9-inch catfish

Dino Ferrari Catfish: Italian Fisherman Hooks 280-pound, 8-foot-9-inch catfish

The Dino Ferrari Catfish isn’t the largest ever caught. Last Year, Fishermen in northern Thailand netted a huge catfish in the Mekong River on May 1. Nearly nine feet long (2.7 meters) and as big as a grizzly bear, the behemoth tipped the scales at 646 pounds (293 kilograms). Experts say the fish, which belongs to the species known as the Mekong giant catfish, may be the largest freshwater fish ever recorded.

Ferrari is sponsored by Sportex Italia and you can find many more amazing photos of Dino’s big catches on their Facebook page.


Giant Catfish May Be World's Largest Freshwater Fish

Giant Catfish May Be World’s Largest Freshwater Fish

Dino Ferrari catfish