45 foot yacht washes ashore

45 foot yacht washes ashore

Coronado California’s North Island Naval Beach, like any ocean beach around the world, has had its fair share of strange things wash up on it. Two weeks ago, an expensive 45-foot “rugged design” luxury yacht believed to have been designed to circumnavigate the world and worth more than $200,000 was found stranded on the beach by lifeguards after a flash storm.

The yacht, that features solar panels and extremely expensive electronic equipment, is currently filling with sand in its lower staterooms and sinking further into the beach as each day passes. Local paddle boarders have noted that it is getting increasingly damaged and that the windows have been smashed out by the waves since it initially became stranded on the shore.

North Island Naval Beach lifeguards have told media outlets that the owner of the vessel is an elderly man from San Francisco who is currently out of town. If he doesn’t claim it soon, the government will be able to take it as salvage since the beach is owned by the government.

The North Island Naval Beach is attached to the Naval Base Coronado installation located to the east of San Diego, California. The Naval Base Coronado has eight facilities that stretch over 57,000 acres. North Island is home to the Naval Air Station North Island facility which is attached to the San Diego Bay and home to many of the Navy’s aircraft carriers. Civilians are not permitted to simply walk on to the North Island Naval Beach without being accompanied by a military ID holder. As a result, the media has been unable to get close-up images of the yacht to see the true extent of the damage to it.

As of Wednesday, March 11, the owner still has not claimed his property.

Yacht stranded on Coronado shoreline