McDonald's Beating Filmed:

McDonald’s Beating Filmed:

Caught on Video- Teen Girl Jumped and Beaten at McDonald’s

Last Monday, a 15-year-old girl who attends Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn, suffered a severe beating at a nearby McDonald’s, and it was caught on video according to The New York Daily News.

After school last Monday, four teenage girls jumped and brutally beat another teenage girl while witnesses stood by and watched, while some even cheered. None of the witnesses in that Brooklyn McDonald’s bothered to call the police or step in to break it up, however a worker at the fast food restaurant did. The video shows the victim making the first aggressive move towards one of the girls, throwing a punch at her. After throwing the first punch the girl gets swarmed by three other girls who proceed to beat her down, literally. The victim is punched, kicked, and even has her hair extensions ripped out before falling to the ground. Once down, the others continue to kick her, with one girl stomping on her head before the fight is over. The victim was left cowering under a table. At the end of the video a witness is heard saying “you murdered her” to the other girls.

The 15-year-old victim was taken to SUNY Downstate Medical Center where she has suffered multiple bruises and two black eyes. The girl has refused to name any names as far as her attackers go. Police have said that some of the girls involved in the fight are part of a local gang called the Young Savages. The victim is afraid of some sort of retaliation from the group. Leaders in the Brooklyn community are urging the victim to step forward and point out her attackers so that they can be brought to justice. Police spoke to the victim’s mother but she refuses to help investigators in the case as well.