Teen's Car teeters Bridge:  You Wont Belive Where This Car Stopped

A Nashua teen is lucky to have escaped uninjured from his vehicle after it landed atop a bridge over the Merrimack River. State police say the teen lost control of his car Saturday, hit a snowbank then went airborne. His car came to rest on a guardrail of the Sagamore Bridge, its rear dangling over the water. Neither drugs nor alcohol were factors.

A teen driver in Newhampshire finds himself living on the edge when his lesiurly drive goes a little off course.

According to CNN, the teen avoided a deep plunge into a river after a wreck, narrowly escaping from his car as it teetered perilously on the guardrail of a bridge, authorities say.

CNN writes:

Colin Malone, 17, lost control of his car Saturday afternoon in Nashua, struck a snow mound and was “pitched in the air before coming to rest on the railing of the Sagamore Bridge above the Merrimack River,” according to a statement on the New Hampshire Trooper’s Association’s Facebook page.

Depending on the swell of the river, the drop could be anywhere from 50 feet to 75 feet, Capt. Kevin Grebinar of the Hudson Fire Department told CNN. Images on the trooper’s association Facebook page show Malone’s Honda Accord straddling the rail, suspended ominously along the side of a snowy roadway, facing the opposite direction of traffic.

“He was out (of the car) by time responders arrived; he had self-extricated,” Grebinar said. Malone was not injured and not taken to a hospital, he added.

Malone may have cheated death, but he was slapped with a citation.

The trooper’s association said Malone “failed to keep his vehicle within the roadway markings.”

According to WZID, the car was suspended several feet over the Merrimack River. That drop is estimated to be about 50 to 75 feet, depending on how high the water is.

Police did not expect drugs or alcohol to have played a role in this incident.

In 2012, a mother and her two daughters were rescued from their smashed car as it teetered perilously over a freeway overpass in Southern California.

Santa Barbara County firefighters removed a 10-year-old girl, a 10-week-old baby girl and their 36-year-old mother from their BMW as it was hanging over the edge, KTLA-TV reported. The car had lodged in the bridge railing on the northbound 101 freeway after colliding with a big-rig truck near Buellton.

The woman and 10-year-old girl suffered major injuries and were flown to the hospital. The 10-week-old girl was “conscious and alert” and sustained only minor injuries, according to KTLA.

Firefighters Rescue Mother & Daughters From Smashed Car Dangling Perilously Over Bridge

Firefighters Rescue Mother & Daughters From Smashed Car Dangling Perilously Over Bridge