Image of the Son of God Appears in Mud Slide?

Putumayo, Columbia – Anyone having spent some time in Latin America will appreciate the deeply entrenched views of Catholicism in local culture. The seeming appearance of a bearded man or a long-haired woman is often taken to be apparitions of the deeply revered Son of God and his Virgin mother Mary. When local folks believe such an apparition has appeared, they will flock by the hundreds to the site to plead for miraculous healings. At the same time, vendors will pop up selling meals, snacks or other confections to fuel the stomachs of the faithful converging on the site.

Such is the case in a local hillside in this remote village. A mudslide revealed what appears to be a the countenance of a bearded man. This story quickly spread that Jesus Christ had revealed his face in the hillside. Hundreds of people have converged on the site. In some cases, local landowners are charging fees for access to the site. The Columbian military has gotten involved to ensure the crowds do not get unruly. At this time, there is no confirmation from any religious organization as to the divinity of the image. What is known is that it is remarkably male-like. The story has gone viral with just as many skeptics as there are believers.

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