Archaeologists made a very interesting discovery while they were exploring in an Argentine jungle. They believe that they found the remains of a Nazi hideout. Daniel Schavelzon was the leader of the archaeology team. He says that the team could not find any other explanation as to why the structures were built. Schavelzon says that the ruins were found away from the local community. He also said that it took a lot of effort and expense to build those structures.

Schavelzon reported the findings to the The Telegraph, which is an United Kingdom newsletter. The Nazi leaders were allowed to stay in Argentina after World War II ended. The reason that the team believed that the ruins were a secret Nazi hideout was because they contained Nazi imagery on the walls. They also found German coins from the 1930s near the ruins. The archaeologists are still studying the remains.

There have been rumors circulating for many years that Argentina’s Tayu Cuare provincial park was where Martin Bormann’s home was located. Martain Bormann was Hitler’s second in command. Schavelzon believes that it is an urban legend. However, this clue is what helped them discover the ruins in the jungle.