Kim Jong-Un pleasure squad:  Sex Slaves Now In Training

Kim Jong-Un pleasure squad: Sex Slaves Now In Training © Romangorielov | – Woman In Lingerie Photo

Kim Jong-Un pleasure squad

Accordingn to reports, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un has revived a decadent and sinister indulgence his father and grandfather enjoyed – an all-female “Pleasure Squad”.

A South Korean newspaper has reported that the tyrant, who lives in luxury while his people starve, is recruiting beautiful young females to cater to his every sexual whim.

According to the paper, the women, who were then dispatched to work at Kim Jong Il’s summer villas, are currently undergoing security training at a hotel in Pyongyang.

They must reportedly sign a pledge of secrecy “in return for money and gifts.”

The newspaper adds: “Kim junior apparently shunned the summer villas before he came to power but developed a taste for them and the pliable maidens that come with them when he was being treated for gout last year.

“The new recruits are apparently tall and beautiful.”

Oh, and by the way, the current North Korean leader is married to singer Ri Sol-ju with whom he has a daughter.

“This has been going on under three generations of the Kim family ruling North Korea and it has become a tradition that is also a demonstration of the leader’s power over the people and his sexual power,” Tokyo professor Toshimitsu Shigemura told the Telegraph.

Proof of the squads has never been officially confirmed, though the Asia Times writes the existence of them has been established by the testimony of defectors including Lee Il-nam, who attended the same private school in Geneva as the country’s present leader.