Taco Cannons:  The Most Delicious Invention Yet

Taco Cannons: The Most Delicious Invention Yet

The University of Nebraska-Omaha is getting a new arena — and oh yeah a taco Cannon!

The University of Nebraska Omaha Mavericks are busting out the big gun for the opening of the school’s new hockey arena in the fall of 2015.

Voodoo Taco in Omaha, Nebraska, has come up with the idea and new owner Eric Newton said he was “looking at air cannons” when he came up with the idea.

“I thought, ‘We could fly a taco out of that.’”

The cannon is still in the developing phase, but Newton said he is hoping that tacos will be able to stay together as they launch into the audience.

“We want them to hold up, stay hot, and taste like they do at the restaurant.”

Until we see the Taco Cannon in action, we can only dream about the possibilities. And in that fantastical realm, the Taco Cannon can be everything we have imagined since we fell in love with tacos and cannons so many years ago. By “we” I mean “me,” here, of course.

From USA Today:

Presumably the tacos will need to be wrapped up in some form, lest the Taco Cannon just bombard the crowd with tortilla, meat, cheese and maybe some pico de gallo. But here’s hoping the good folks at University of Nebraska-Omaha have uncovered some heretofore unknown properties of taco ballistics that will allow them to fire fully formed hard-shell tacos hundreds — heck, thousands — of feet in the air without injuring either the targets or the tacos.

Newton said that it is likely the company will start launching chicken and steak tacos first. This idea comes as the university is planning to open a new arena before next hockey season, according to KETV.

What do you think of the taco cannons?