Sisters survived on cookies – Lee Wright and Leslie Roy

Nebraska – Cookies and a shiny SUV windshield saved two sisters who were stranded for almost two weeks in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

As reported by CNN, Leslie Roy, 52, of Nebraska, and Lee Marie Wright, 56, of Oklahoma, were driving to Mackinaw City on April 11 when their Ford Explorer became trapped in snow on a remote road in the Upper Peninsula.

The women were rescued 13 days later after a police helicopter pilot spotted the vehicle. They were taken to a hospital Friday and later released.

The pair survived on eight boxes of Girl Scout cookies, some cheese puffs and snow for water.

They had tried to call 911 numerous times but didn’t have cell phone service after their car became stuck in deep snow on April 11.

“It is unbelievably remarkable,” Michigan State Police Detective Sgt. Jeff Marker, told the newspaper. “They had multiple layers of clothes on and they were rationing their food.”

“Through the days and nights while in the woods, we survived using love and hope in our families,” they said. “Our faith in God held our confidence that we would eventually be found. We took note of circling aircraft, available water resources, the supplies we had with us. These factors eased our mind and allowed us to stay alive for 13 long days.”

During the search for the sisters, a pilot noticed a reflection off the car and landed the police helicopter on shore, according to the Associated Press.

The lucky survivors said they heard rustling and were approached by a bear on two occasions, but told State Police they knew it wasn’t help because “rescuers would have flashlights.”

“They heard crunching in the woods at night,” Marker told the AP about the sisters. “They thought it was rescuers but no one came. Then they thought it was bears.”

“When we pulled up, they grabbed their purses and Lee Wright clutched onto her Bible and both women were very happy,” Marker told the The Grand Rapids Press. “It was hugs all around.”

“Lee and I would like to thank everyone. Friends, family, strangers from afar for all of their thoughts and prayers,” they said.