(Photo: Crater of Diamonds State Park)

Susie Clark diamond
(Photo: Crater of Diamonds State Park)

According to media reports Sunday, a Sharp County woman found a 3.69-carat diamond at the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro on Thursday.

Susie Clark of Evening Shade visited the Crater of Diamonds State Park 33 years ago with her mother and grandmother from Germany, reports the Inquistr.

The diamond is roughly the size of a bean.

When she returned to the park on Thursday, she discovered a 3.69-carat white diamond near the South Washing Pavilion of the park’s search field.

Clark said that she named the diamond the “Hallelujah Diamond” because she found it after saying a prayer right before. She plans to keep her diamond.

According to Park Interpreter Waymon Cox, this was the largest diamond found so far this year, and the largest one since a 6.19-carat white diamond was found last April.

The Hallelujah Diamond

Susie Clark diamond has been named The Hallelujah Diamond

“The gem is frosted white with a pearlescent metallic shine,” Cox told Region 8. “It’s the largest one found since April 16, 2014.”

The search field had just been plowed earlier in the week because the park had seen a lot of rain, Cox said.

“This regular endeavor loosens the diamond-bearing soil which, along with rain erosion, brings more diamonds to the surface and helps park visitors’ chances of finding them,” he said.

Cox added: “With all the rain we’ve been seeing, along with this week’s plowing, there’s a good chance more diamonds will be found on the surface in the days to come.”

Cox stressed that conditions on the search field are perfect right now for finding diamonds on the surface of the field because of recent heavy rain.