Kiah Kuzan Gets Jail Time For Knocking Out Pro Fighter

Kiah Kuzan Gets Jail Time For Knocking Out Pro Fighter

A professional boxer, trained by boxing legend Ricky Hatton and the winner of 12 straight fights, was knocked out by a woman in a bar brawl.

Apparently, Adam “Lights Out” Little was no match for one petite blonde who put him to the ground with one punch to the mouth.

According to reports, Kiah Kuzan left the 24-year-old fighter needing nearly $1,000 in dental repair on three broken front teeth after their encounter on New Year’s Eve.

Today 22-year-old Kuzan of Stanley Street in Kirkham admitted assaulting Little who also goes by the nickname “The Big Man” in his professional fighting career, the British paper the Mirror reported.

He is due to fight for the British title later this year.

The shopworker was handed a eight week jail term suspended for a year, put on a four week 9pm to 6am curfew and was ordered to pay compensation for repairs to Little’s teeth.

The New York Daily News, reports, prosecutor Pam Smith told magistrates at Blackpool that on New Year’s Eve the victim and defendant had both been at a party in The Stables Bar in Kirkham town centre.

There was a confrontation between the boxer and some men in the toilet and one of the men was ejected by door staff.

The boxer went to speak to bouncers to tell them the man they had thrown out had nothing to do with the dispute.

But before he could get to the door staff he was confronted by Kuzan – the ejected man’s girlfriend.

Kuzan screamed at Mr Little and struck him in the face with her fist, bringing him to the ground.

One of his front teeth was shattered, another broken in half and a third pushed backwards.

Later, when he was back at home, the victim received a Facebook message containing a picture of Kuzan who added the mocking words: “Good Luck in your career.”

Little had to be treated in hospital and dental work to restore his smile cost £800 the court heard.

Michael Ball, defending, said Kuzan mistakenly thought Little was to blame for her boyfriend being kicked out of the bar.

He said: “She had no intention of injuring him in this way.

“As a professional boxer of some repute he may have had some previous damage to his teeth anyway.”