cicada attack katya leickKatya Leick’s encounter with a swarm of cicadas will haunt your dreams.

This summer the large, swarming bugs have invaded the Plains by the millions, coming up from the subsurface to mate after 17 years underground. Recently, a few of them interrupted Leick’s attempt to tape a report from atop an Army tank in Topeka, Kansas, and she lost it.

“Every time I tried to start talking, they’d come. I was like, ‘I need to hold it together, come on, I just have to get this done with,'” she told ABC News.

As reported by the, every time she attempted to restart the report, one of the big bugs would fly closer to her face. Then, as a grand finale of sorts, a cicada went right in and landed on her face, creating one of the most epic animated GIFs you’ll ever see.

the reported the viral moment in stride, posting to her Facebook page, “Talk about a ROUGH DAY at work!! lol it’s okay to laugh at me!!”

Although they’re lage and creep, , there’s no reason to be worried about cicadas They’re not harmful to humans in any way, unless you harm yourself during a freakout.