matthew graham shot

matthew graham shot

matthew graham shot

A carjacking suspect who was shot and killed by police is reportedly Matthew Graham, the 23-year-old father of 6-month-old baby Ember Graham, who has been missing since July 2.

The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office said that Graham claims the baby was abducted by someone.

However, the sheriff’s office said there is no evidence to back up that assertion, the Sacramento Bee reported.

Graham had not been charged in the disappearance but was considered a person of interest.

The painstaking search for baby Ember will become even more challenging.

“It would certainly impede the investigation because we believe that Matthew Graham was the only person that knew the whereabouts of baby Ember graham,” said Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko.

After days of searching through rural areas outside Redding, Sheriff Bosenko doubts the baby – who suffers from seizures – is alive.

“I do not believe that baby Ember Graham is alive. If the baby had been left out in the elements its been approximately two weeks and the baby would have been without food or water with temperatures in excess of 100 degrees,” said Sheriff Bosenko.