Married At 16

For many of us in the U.S.A. getting married at the age of 16 might sound somewhat taboo. Well how about getting married at the age of 14? Only recently Spain has just went from the legal age of marriage being 14 years old for boys and girls to now 16 years old. The Spain government announced that they intended to alter the law from 14 to 16 in April of 2013 but it only just came into force Thursday.

It is said that only 365 marriages under the age of 16 between 2000 and 2014 took place and only 5 in 2014. This new law is set to better protect Spain’s minors and to also be in line with the legal age of the majority of other European Countries.

This new law of the age for marriage to be raised from14 to 16 was recommended from United Nations experts and child protection groups. Along with this new law in effect another new law by Spain raised the age of consensual sex from the age of 13 now to the age of 16. This law will not have great impact as statistics show there were very few 14 year olds getting married.

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