Alligator in New York City Dies (PHOTO)

Alligator in New York City Dies (PHOTO)

According to media reports Friday, an alligator that was caught crossing a New York City street during rush hour has died unexpectedly.

Alexandra Silver, the spokeswoman for Animal Care and Control of NYC says the 3-foot alligator died Friday morning, reports the New York Times.

“Sadly the alligator, which staff had named CockadoodleQ, died this morning,” Ms. Silver said in a statement. “We have no knowledge of the conditions CockadoodleQ had lived in prior to his arrival that contributed to his death.”

Police officers had discovered the creature crossing Ninth Avenue in Manhattan’s Inwood neighbourhood Thursday evening.

The spokesman said authorities have not yet determined the alligator’s cause of death.

Wildlife on the loose in New York is often surprising to residents, but the capture of CockadoodleQ is not the first time police have dealt with roaming animals. In April, police captured a coyote in lower Manhattan. And on July 21, an alligator and nine boa constrictors were rescued from a Brooklyn man’s apartment.