mets catch baby raccoon

mets catch baby raccoon

Raccoon Hangs Out in Mets Weight Room

It would be another Sunday morning at Citi Field, as New York Mets players arrived for their 1.00 pm contest against the Los Angeles Dodgers and pitcher Zack Greinke, who would be trying to extend his 43 2/3rd inning scoreless streak.

An expected guest, a baby raccoon, greeted the Mets as they checked in. The baby raccoon scampered about the dumbbells and weight machines before being finally enticed into an animal transport cage.

“It was a little baby,” commented pitcher Bobby Parnell, who was not concerned about raccoons during the day and any potential danger for disease. “I’d agree if it was out in the woods, but a raccoon in here today was probably just trying to run for its life.”

An animal transport cage being readily available in the clubhouse is not a requirement of major league baseball, but the presence of an animal in the Mets clubhouse has occurred before. During the 2012 season, Mets closer, Frank Francisco called out the cross-town rival Yankees as a “bunch of chickens,” that made sports page headlines in the city. Mets reliever Tim Byrdak, brought a chicken to the clubhouse, named it “Little Jerry Seinfeld” and set it free.