A still from footage of the fatal escalator accident in China

A still from footage of the fatal escalator accident in China

Mother In China Killed Saving Son From Escalator
A Chinese mother was killed when an elevator fault caused her son to fall into a gap in a broken escalator. The trouble began when the women, 31 year old Xiang Liujan was riding the escalator with her toddler son. While she is riding the escalator a gap opens up when a metal panel meant to protect people from the inner workings of the escalator fails. She managed to pull her son out but was trapped inside the escalator.

Once she fell into the escalator she became trapped and while a 4 hour rescue attempt was taken on by Chinese rescue services unfortunately, it was ultimately unsuccessful, reports CNN.

Reportedly workers at the shopping mall where the tragic accident occurred had noticed and been warned that the metal panel was loose but had done nothing to change the panel or stop the escalator.

Initially other mall employees tried to help save the woman but she eventually succumbed to her injuries inside the escalator on Sunday afternoon. There have been a number of similar incidents throughout China where bystanders were either hurt, killed, or maimed by faulty escalators.

Regulators in the Asian nation have pledged to beef up escalator security to protect other users.