UFO Virgin Atlantic: UFO Spotted Over JFK (VIDEO)

UFO Virgin Atlantic: UFO Spotted Over JFK (VIDEO)

UFO Virgin Atlantic: NYC Man Captures UFO Shot

Although the footage is a bit blurry, you can still see the object that is being hailed an unidentified flying objectsighting near JFK airport, which was captured by a man that was filming the plane.

As the plane is taking off, you can clearly see an object fly within close proximity to the plane, although it is hard to make out what it is for certain.

There have been people that are speculating about the object, as many people have said that there is no way it can be a bird or another plane, so the general consensus is that it is in fact an unidentified flying object, by mere definition.

However, it is unknown if the object was just a result of a weird angle causing some sort of a shadow, whether it was something like a mini drone flying around, or whether it was in fact an alien flying close by the big apple’s main airport to get a closer look at our means of transportation. The man that shot the angle is said to regularly try to capture UFO’s on film, so that may cast a bit of doubt on whether the footage is legit or not.