Tornado Smashes Through Walmart in Troy, Alabama

Alabama, Walmart shoppers, got the shock of their lives. It was just another day in this Southern State when bedlam erupted. Thursday,

August 6th will go down in history for many people. Five people were injured in this catastrophic event, but no deaths have been reported. Semi-trucks were flipped on their side and sent hurling down the parking lot at lightening speeds. The storm happened just before 11 pm. It was already dark outside, so most people didn’t see it coming.

Though the weather reports indicated the potential for some severe weather, they had no idea it would be this bad.

The neighboring store, Hibbit Sports suffered significant damages. In fact, that store is probably a loss. While most of Walmart did remain intact, the front of the store sustained significant damage from a water main break.

The warning was sent out from the National Weather Service at 10:32 pm that there was the potential for flash flooding. However, many of these shoppers were in the store and didn’t know what was going on. It came out of know where and caused hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. No official report has been issued on the intensity of the storm and where it will place on the Fujita scale. For now, the town has to focus their efforts on rebuilding.