Brittany Pilkington has admitted to murdering her three young sons. She says that the reason she murdered her sons was because her husband was paying too much attention to them. She murdered her son Niall in July 2014 when he was three months. She murdered her oldest son Gavin in April 2015 when he was four years old. Brittany murdered her youngest son Noah in August 2015 when he was three months old.

Brittany killed all of her sons in a similar way. She placed a blanket over their heads and suffocated them. Brittany’s husband and the father of the children found his sons Gavin and Niall dead when he came home from work.

Officers had investigated the death of Gavin. They removed Noah and daughter Hailey from the home. However, there initially was not enough evidence to suggest that Brittany had murdered Gavin. Hailey and Noah were eventually returned to their parents.

The coroner is set to perform an autopsy on Noah. Sources say that Mr. Pilkington is inconsolable. He is so distraught over the death of his children that he is considering admitting himself into the hospital. Police do not believe that he had anything to do with the death of his children.