fight on jetblue

Argument Turns to Violence on Jet Blue Flight

Two women on a New York City bound fight coming from Kingston, Jamaica were apprehended by JFK airport officials Wednesday for possession of pepper spray and an eyebrow razor that they allegedly atacked one another with. According to sources, the two ladies were involved in the altercation after the fight landed at JFK as a result of a verbal argument that the two were having after 61 year old Jean Ballantine of Brooklyn attempted to climb over the lady seated next to her, a 51 year old Mary Cannady of Linden, NJ.

After the verbal squabble insued it went on for several minutes and apparently escalated when Jean Ballentine pulled out an eyebrow razor and slashed her seatmate, Mary Cannady as well as another male passenger who was trying to break up the fight.

fight on jetblue ends in pepper spray

fight on jetblue ends in pepper spray

In response, Mrs. Cannady retrieved a cannister of pepper spray from her purse and sprayed Mrs. Ballentine to subdue her. However, several other passengers were caught by the pepper spray and seven other passengers were treated by medical services for having inhaled the pepper spray vapor in the confines of the plane.

Airport officials, when questioned about the seemingly odd fact that so amny weapons were present on the fight, responded that since the flight had originated abroad and had left from Kingston, Jamaica that the Jamaican Airport Authority was responsible for ensuring that no weapons were present before the fight left.

They reiterated that if the fight had left from a domestic US city that the rules in place by the TSA would have prevented this sort of unfortunate occurance, since the weapons would never have been permitted onboard.

The TSA, being a US agency, does not have any control over the procedures maintianed overseas by other airport authorities related officials. Both women were subsequently charged with possession of weapons on a flight as well as assault and turned over to law enforcement.