Taser drones North Dakota

Taser drones North Dakota

Taser Drones North Dakota

The sharp controversy is continuing. The decision has already been made, but the argument through media still lives.

The state of North Dakota allowed their law enforcement officers to use taser drones. It can be said that the solution is satisfactory for both the policemen and peace activists, as taser drones, tear gas and rubber-bullets canons are considered to be less lethal weapons. With this decision, North Dakota officially became the first state to allow armaments.

The side of the peace activists is represented with the statement of the original’s bill sponsor, Republican Rick Becker who said that the original House Bill’s 1328 intent was that the warranty must be obtained for any kind of drone activity in regards with collecting criminal evidence and that the original draft was meant to ban all weapons on police drones.

On the other hand, the supporter of the arming of drones idea, says that his department’s drones are only equipped with cameras which they need in order to get a warning in the first place.

Both sides have their arguments, on one side, the police officers risk their lives on a daily basis and want additional insurance and those who are against any kind of violence are arguing that even the so-called less lethal weapons can be subject to the use of unnecessary force.