Thailand fireball Seen Streaking Across The Sky

Thailand fireball Seen Streaking Across The Sky

Thailand fireball

A massive fireball, believed to be a meteorite, has fallen on Thailand. Awestruck commuters witnessed the spectacle, describing a green and orange glow, as it took a nosedive toward Earth.

The event took place during the morning rush hour at about 8:45am local time in Bangkok, although the meteor did not make an audible sound as it struck the ground.

According to the English-language Bangkok, the fireball was streaking across the northern sky around 8:40 a.m. in the morning and that it could be seen as far away as Kanchanaburi, about two hours west of the Bangkok.

Saran Poshyachina, the deputy director of the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand, told the newspaper that the fireball could have been a meteorite or even space junk.

An official at the Bangkok Planetarium, however, told the newspaper that said they had received no reports of a meteorite landing. Most meteors completely burn up in the atmosphere, the official said.

As reported by CBS, the sighting comes just two years after a huge meteor exploded over the Siberian city of Chelyabinsk, its sonic blasts shattering countless windows and injuring around 1,100 people. A much smaller meteor was spotted cross over Pittsburgh in February.

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