Sand City shooting: Two Suspects Killed Outside Sand City Target Store

Sand City shooting: Two Suspects Killed Outside Sand City Target Store

Sand City shooting

The two Sand City Police officers who were shot in Sand City outside the Target shopping center on Monday are recovering from their injuries.

One of the officers was treated and released. The other was hospitalized overnight, and is expected to be released today, Sand City Police Chief Brian Ferrante said.

Shots were fired during a confrontation in front of the Target Store in the Edgewater Shopping Center in Sand City.

The officers were serving warrants when gunfire erupted.

Both suspects succumbed to their injuries, authorities said. The Target store, located at 2040 California Ave., has been closed.

Their identities have not yet been released.

Sand City Police Chief Brian Ferrante and District Attorney Dean Flippo spoke at a media briefing following the shooting, where they announced what had happened. You can listen to the media briefing here.

“After the officers confronted them, the suspects opened fire,” said Ferrante. “Both officers injured were transported to the hospital via ambulance and are in stable condition.”

Bouchra Gygax, a student at Monterey Peninsula College, saw the whole scene unfold as she was looking for a parking spot in the crowded Target parking lot. She said she saw one man with his foot hanging out of the window of the car, and the two officers holding up the other man.

“While I was waiting people started pulling out their phones and somebody said ‘the cop got shot and he shot back,’ ” Gygax recalled, adding that the scene quickly became chaotic with police cars and ambulances arriving from all directions.
“It was crazy,” she said.

Pacific Grove resident Kim Fulton came to the scene after hearing about it at her nearby work and became emotional as she expressed gratitude to Ferrante for the officers’ work.

“It’s just so sad when it hits so close to home … It’s all the ugliness. What is it all over?” she asked. “Is it worth somebody’s life?”

Though Target was closed in the wake of the shooting, the other 20 or so businesses in the shopping center stayed open.

No further details about the Sand City shooting were immediately available.