Leopard head stuck pot

Leopard head stuck pot

Leopard head stuck pot

A thirsty leopard got its head stuck in a metal pot in Sardul Kheda village of Rajasthan’s Rajsamand district on Wednesday as it strayed into human habitat in search water, according to reports.

As reported by the BBC, for six hours, the confused and possibly terrified animal ran helter skelter as a crowd gathered to watch it struggle to get the pot off. Times Now reported that it took forest officials six to eight hours to tranquilize the leopard and saw the pot off its head.

Leopard head stuck pot 1

“The male leopard is about 3 years old,” district forest officer Kapil Sharma told NDTV India. “He is being kept under observation. He has been checked by vets and seems to be fine.”

“He will be released in the forest later,” Sharma added. “It is difficult to say where he came from because the Kumbhalgarh sanctuary is about 20 kilometers away.”

Fortunately, none of the people who gathered at the spot provoked or harmed the animal in any way. According to reports, officials arrived after three hours and then took a while to tranquilize the animal as it kept running around.

The Leopard was eventually released into the wild.

A recent wildlife census estimates that India has a leopard population of between 12,000 and 14,000 animals.Leopard head stuck pot 3