cayden racists:  Man Taunts Black 3-Year-Old On Social Media

cayden racists: Man Taunts Black 3-Year-Old On Social Media

An employee of a company of Atlanta has been fired for posting on Facebook a picture with the son of a black co-worker.

The selfie, which became viral, attracted a number of racist messages which suggested that Gerod Roth, author of photography, owned slaves.

The seemingly innocent image, which has since been taken down, quickly received distasteful comments like “dude where the hell did you get a black kid??” “I didn’t know you were a slave owner,” and more shocking references to slavery.

According to the newspaper NY Daily Mail , Gerod Roth lost his job at the company Polaris Marketing Group for posting a Facebook selfie a black boy, son of a fellow color. The photo was uploaded to the social network without comment, but then began to arrive racist messages.

Although Roth made no comments on the selfie initially, if it continues the thread of comments saying that “he was a savage”.

Roth said his message was taken out of context, “I’m upset with myself and with the nature of the comments from my friends, I feel that not only Cayden (the son of his partner) is a victim, also.”

The company director, Michael Pinto Da Graca, says it has broken by Cayden heart and his father and described the behavior of the worker dismissed as “hateful, ignorant and despicable”. “The outrageous lies, slander and racism that he and his mother were forced to endure are totally intolerable. I and all the PMG family in any way tolerate this kind of behavior,” he adds.