Image Credit: Screen Shot/7 News Melbourne

Image Credit: Screen Shot/7 News Melbourne

A boy in Australia who had his head internally severed in a car accident is now learning to walk again after surgeons reattached his spine.

According to a CNN report, spinal surgeon Geoff Askin said that many children wouldn’t have survived the injury that the 16-month-old Jaxon Taylor suffered.

But not only did Jaxon survive, he is now smiling and on the path to walking.

Surgeons performed a six-hour operation that grafted his severed vertebrae together using a fragment from his rib.

The boy’s parents called his recovery “a miracle,” the NBC story said.

Although Jackson is expected to make a full recover, he will have to wear a medical “halo” for the next eight weeks, reports the Review Journal.

“A lot of children wouldn’t survive that injury in the first place, and if they did and they were resuscitated then they may never move or breathe again,” Askin said.

His mother has put together a petition calling for stricter punishments for reckless driving in Australia, in an effort to ensure that such a serious accident will not happen again.

“A suspended license and fine changes nothing for the driver, Australia needs to deter others from ruining innocent people’s life’s, [sic]” Rylea wrote.“If they carry substantial punishments might actually make people think twice before driving recklessly.”