Woman glues eye shut:  Lives In Agony For Nine Days

Woman glues eye shut: Lives In Agony For Nine Days

Woman glues eye shut

A woman someone accidentally poured glue into her eye instead of eye drops, instantly gluing her eye shut.

Katherine Gaydos told WPBF a man was using a leaf blower and blew debris into her eye. She asked the man to reach in her purse and get Visine, but the man accidentally grabbed glue for applying false fingernails and poured the chemical into her eye.

“As soon as I felt it burn, I closed my eye and screamed and called 911,” she told WPBF.

The glue immediately sealed her eye closed.

The mother of two reportedly wept for nine days as she coped with a painful, closed left eye, and a doctor turned her away when she sought help because she’s unemployed and does not have insurance.

So how did doctors help her?

According to Fox New, a different doctor used lidocaine to force her eye open. She is scheduled for a procedure on Friday to get the glue scraped off her cornea.

“[The doctor] put Lidocaine above and below my eye, and just pulled on it until it finally opened,” she told WPBF.com. “He said I should get my sight back and not have permanent damage.”

Woman glues eye shut

Woman glues eye shut

Doctors told Gaydos she should not experience any permanent vision loss due to the accident.

Dr Simon Bell, consultant in emergency medicine at Poole Hospital, says: ‘As long as the glue remains on the outside of the eye, the injury will be extremely painful but will only cause superficial damage.

‘If it had gone into the middle of the eyeball, it is much more likely permanent damage would have been caused.’