Corgi pumpkin Video Goes Viral

A video uploaded to YouTube shows the potential showdown of the century after a corgi puppy becomes skeptical of a mini pumpkin.

While the fall brings happiness to many — including apple cider, walks among the leaves and, perhaps most of all, pumpkins — this puppy is not having any of it.


Corgi pumpkin

Corgi pumpkin

YouTube user “Jackie Ocean’s channel” shows the corgi as it confronts a little pumpkin in what appears to be the family’s kitchen. The puppy becomes distraught by the tiny, orange being in its domain. It adorably barks and paws at its nemesis.

“Bilbo still can’t deal with the mini pumpkin,” the video’s caption reads. “He’s about 8 or 9 weeks old here.”

Inexplicably, the pumpkin doesn’t fight back.

The video has garnered more than 450,000 views in just a couple of weeks. Check it out in the player above.

One YouTube user wrote:


OMGosh what a gorgeous little ankle biter. He’s looking at that pumpkin like he is thinking ‘you wanna piece of me’ ‘come on, I can take you…let’s go’ LOL. Oh and btw, this video is trending on facebook…congrats.

Another user added:

Every couple months, you should replace it with a slightly larger pumpkin, and do this for years.

Check out the adorable Corgi pumpkin Video below