60 cats connecticut home

Authorities say they seized 60 cats and a pair of dogs from a Connecticut home in an apparent animal hoarding case in which the homeowner was trying to run a cat rescue.

According to reports, a truck packed to the brim with cats in crates marked the spot Friday evening, where police served a warrant as part of an investigation into an apparent case of animal hording on Frinch Road.

60 cats connecticut home

60 cats connecticut home

Sgt. Patrick Malloy says authorities received complaints from neighbors about an odor coming from the residence and bags of garbage containing cat feces that littered the property. He says the inside is “unlivable.”

Police say the owner was trying to run a cat rescue and may face animal cruelty charges. Several cats were underweight and dehydrated. All of the animals are being checked out.

One cat was found dead in a freezer, but officers believe it was euthanized and didn’t die from the conditions in the house.

60 cats Connecticut home not rare, Animal Hoarding On The Rise

In May 2014, there were dozens of dogs and cats found dead in a Pahrump home months after the tenant was evicted, some even placed in bags in a large freezer.

In September 2014, nearly 100 dogs were crammed into a home on Stanley Avenue in North Las Vegas. Forty-five of them died when the home caught fire.

In February of this year, Nye County Animal Control rescued 67 dogs and two cats in Tonopah, charging the owner with animal cruelty and failure to provide humane care.

According to Animal Planet, animal hoarding impacts communities across the U.S. on a daily basis with approximately 3,500 reported new cases discovered each year. However, there are many cases that go unreported.