BALTIMORE rare identical triplets

Three times the joy! In a rare occurrence, a Baltimore couple has added three identical members to the family.

According to reports, Greater Baltimore Medical Center announced this week that Kristen Hewitt gave birth to identical triplets Oct. 6.

She and her husband, Thomas Hewitt, named the three baby boys Thomas III, Finnegan and Oliver. The triplets were delivered via C-section after about 33.5 weeks in the womb. Each of the boys weighed 3 to 5 pounds.

The couple’s doctor, Dr. Victor A. Khouzami, says he’s never witnessed identical triplets in more than three decades at the hospital.

But how are the parents handling the situation of taking care of their new bundles of joy? It looks like they will need a new home.

BALTIMORE, rare identical triplets

“Through our relationship, we’ve found that Tom and I work the best under pressure, so we take the triplets as not only a blessing, but also a challenge that we’re most certainly up for,” said Kristen. “Finding a new place to live will be another welcomed test since our current row home is not conducive to raising triplets.

According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, triplets generally are uncommon, and only about 10 percent of the time are they identical.

The identical Hewitt triplets do have some company — several other sets of identical triplets have been reported in the U.S. this year.

Last month, Kelli Fenley of Long Island, New York, delivered identical triplet boys¬†weighing in at about 2 pounds each. Another set — also boys — was born to a Montana couple in January, and a Pennsylvania family welcomed identical triplet girls in February. Their doctor called the occurrence “one in a million.”