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A Middleton, Ohio, boy who saw his mother stab his father to death has asked Judge Robert Peeler to keep her in prison, according to the New York Daily News.

“Dear Judge Peeler, I feel that my mom should stay in prison because I seen her stab my dad clean through the heart with my sister in his arms,” Bradyn Takach wrote. “That took a big amount of happiness out of my and my sister’s lives.”

Shannon Smith was convicted in 2010 of voluntary manslaughter and tampering with evidence in the fatal 2009 stabbing of Robert Takach II, who was 25, and has served six years of her 10-year sentence.

Although Smith was convicted of the lesser offense, voluntary manslaughter and tampering with evidence, for killing the man, so far she’s only served six of the ten years given.

During her trial, Smith maintained her innocence and claimed she was only defending herself.

The victim’s mother, Patty Todd said her son only had one stab wound to his chest, and he suffered no defensive wounds. The NY Daily News says Todd also told the reporter that after stabbing her son with a steak knife, she took it out of his chest and washed it clean.

“It was like letting water out of the dam,” Todd said.

Bradyn went on to write, “Life for me would be 10 times better if mom didn’t kill my dad.”He also said, “I think it would be better for me and my sister if my mom would stay in prison because I’m afraid of her.”

Reports say Smith is set to appear for a judicial release hearing this week. A decision on her release will be made then.