mount st helens hikers lost dogs

Two dogs that went missing in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest have been found by two separate hikers.

According to, The Camping Canuck, Dennis Elton’s Britany spaniel named Woody and a chocolate lab named Brock ran off when he got to a forest trail near Mount St. Helens on Oct. 26.

Elton said he spent hours looking for his pups with no luck so he posted photos of them on social media and searched for them every day.

mount st helens hikers lost dogs

Elton spent the next six days returning to the forest, looking for the dogs but to no avail.

“He spent $500 on gas and drove hundreds of miles,” said Elton’s wife, Shawn. “We were all heartbroken.”

Corey Theisen found Woody while hiking and said the dog was cold, wet and scared. He posted photos on socia media that got back to Elton.

“I was thinking how am I going to help this dog?” said Theisen. “So I took a couple pictures of him and I posted them online and I asked all my Facebook friends to help me.”

After Elton picked Woody up, his wife called saying someone else had found Brock and posted pictures on social media.

Nick Gibson found the chocolate lab while hiking near Lava Canyon. He brought Brock to his home in Camas, and soon connected with Elton.

hikers dogs

hikers dogs 1

“(Shawn Elton) started telling me the story about the other dog and everything and it just sort of blew me away,” said Gibson.

Dennis Elton drove both dogs back to his home in Amboy, Wash., thankful for everyone who had helped, and grateful that the dogs were still alive.

“They went 25 miles,” said Elton. “I don’t know how they got through this.”

Both dogs were about 25 miles from where they had bolted.