Paris shootings Update: Death toll now at 153

France is in a state of emergency and closed its borders, tonight after the terrorist attacks that have left dozens dead, according to President Francois Hollande.

The Head of State spoke of the attacks still “in progress”. He deployed the army in Paris.

“Dozens of people” were killed in the attacks “unprecedented”, said Mr Holland.

AFP mentions 35 deaths, while the BFM-TV regrets 60. At least three attacks took place, but some media rather evoke 7 events, including one in the area of ??Les Halles in the 1st district.


At nearly midnight, local time, the French media reported:

– A police assault on the Bataclan concert hall, in the 10th arrondissement, where several dozen people were held hostage after a shooting. Véronique Beaudet, collaborator of La  Presse,based in Paris, heard gunshots around 0:20 at the Bataclan.”Two or three individuals unmasked returned with automatic weapons Kalashnikov type and started shooting blindly into the crowd,” recounted a journalist Europe1 radio. “The attackers had time to recharge at least three times.”

– An attack – possibly with automatic weapons – against a bar or restaurant in the 10th arrondissement.


– Explosions near Stade de France, caused by a suicide bomber at least after midnight local time. 80 000 people are attending a soccer game.

– A forced evacuation of President François Hollande of the Stade de France, met in a crisis meeting with his ministers

– A claim “For Syria!” Shouted by one of his attackers.

paris terrorist attacks

The French channel BFM-TV mentions “several victims at this place” at the Stade de France, including “a body, at least, shredded” after the explosion of grenades.

A friendly match between France and Germany stood in the packed stadium. In a video went viral on social networks, we distinctly heard a blast during the game.

“Many dead ‘in the 10th district

A journalist with the daily Libération says “many dead” and an atmosphere of “nightmare” in the 10th arrondissement, at Le Carillon, where automatic weapons fire were discussed.

On site, a correspondent of La Presse always heard gunshots in the streets to 10:15 p.m..

A surfer who reported living in an apartment near the scene of the shooting, reported gunshots fired from a moving car. “This is an attack on the Kalashnikov from a car. Shots on stolen in the restaurant and the terrace, “wrote Vincent Berthèze.

Bataclan, the Internet Benoit Tabaka reported on social networks have heard numerous gunshots. “Very many shots at the Bataclan. And it continues to shoot. ”

Paris shootings

Paris shootings

“I saw blood everywhere. […] They fired into the crowd. We were all lying. There were between 50 and 100 shots. The person next to me took a bullet, “said Thomas, a witness contacted by TF1.

A few minutes later, he added that “it screams in the street, people flee from backstage. We hear screaming, shots continue to ring. ”

Ten minutes later, he said he heard a “big bang. The walls vibrated. ”

A BBC Cameran near Bataclan recounts seeing a dozen people on the ground, “dead or injured.”

No suspects have been apprehended only.

Reaction to President Obama

US President Barack Obama spoke around 17.45, claiming that the attacks were aimed at “terrorizing innocent.” He said the United States stands with the France to fight against terrorism and that the country was ready and that he would work with France to shed light on the events, on which he does not wish to speculate at the moment.