Badgers cheerleaders

Fans at Wisconsin decided to toss snowballs at Badgers cheerleaders during Saturday’s game against Northwestern.

Around the second quarter, some students began throwing snowballs at each other in the stands. They then turned them on their own cheerleaders, who had to leave the field due to the volume of snowballs being thrown in their direction.

Badgers cheerleaders snow

Badgers cheerleaders snow

Police jumped in, tell students they would begin issues students citations.

“Wisconsin’s student section is apparently bored enough by the game that there’s a snowball fight breaking out over there,” tweeted Jesse Temple, who covers Wisconsin and the Big 10 for


The University threatened action via Twitter if the snowball throwing continued.

“Save the snowballs for Bascom Hill. Anyone caught throwing snow on the field will be cited and ejected by @UWMadisonPolice.”