According media reports Tuesday, a  26-year-old Oregon cat named Corduroy will be featured in National Geographic as the world’s oldest feline.

The athority on all things recording breaking, Guinness World Records named Corduroy the new title holder in August, just a short time after his 26th birthday – or 124th in cat years.

The super old kitty was born on Aug. 1, 1989, and has spent most of his life roaming the countryside of Central Oregon with his owner, Ashley Reed Okura.  They currently live in Sisters.

Corduroy was adopted as a kitten, along with his brother, Batman, who died at age 19.

Okura said she was only six when she picked Corduroy out from a litter of kittens.

Corduroy oldest cat

Corduroy oldest cat

“I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. The 20-minute drive to Redmond felt like forever,” Okura recalled. “He was my buddy and I would carry him like a baby.”

She said the secret to Corduroy’s long life is simple: Lots of cuddles, naps and exercise.

“Growing up on 160 acres in Oregon, I allowed Corduroy to roam the ranch freely, so he always gets lots of exercises,” Okura said.  “I really think the key to his longevity is I’ve allowed him to be a cat. We’ve kept his claws and I think that really has helped him out. It’s allowed him to go outside and defend himself and also hunt.”

World's oldest cat: Oregon house cat Corduroy was named the world's oldest cat at the age of 26 this week

World’s oldest cat: Oregon house cat Corduroy was named the world’s oldest cat at the age of 26 this week

Corduroy oldest cat 1

A cat with discerning taste, he enjoys sharp cheddar and mice, she added.

Corduroy claimed the Guinness title after previous record holder, Tiffany Two, passed away. Tiffany Two lived to be 27 years, two months and 20 days old.

“I think Corduroy has good genes. Typically cats live until they’re 15 years old,” Okura said.

The cat-celebrity will also be featured in Catster magazine and a local journalist is working on a book called “Growing Up with Corduroy – the World’s Oldest Cat.”