Harrison Ford To Donald TrumpHarrison Ford To Donald Trump

Harrison Ford To Donald Trump

Harrison Ford Trump Comment

Donald Trump can’t separate fiction from reality … according to Harrison Ford who took a hysterical shot at the presidential candidate.

Trump recently said his favorite Ford movie was “Air Force One” because “he stood for America” in the action flick. Well, an Australian interviewer asked Ford about the compliment, and he found it laughable.

Following the comment, Harrison spoke directly to Donald, and took a HUGE shot at his powers of perception.

In all seriousness, though–should we make sure that Trump doesn’t think that being president is like Air Force One, or Independence Day, or White House Down, or any other movie where someone plays the president in a fictional time of crisis? Because someone may have to sit him down for a real conversation if that’s the case.

Watch the video of Ford Informing Trump below: